#95 - Calçada do Garcia

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On the street that you see on the left you can buy everything very cheap. This street will end in the area of Martim Moniz.
Largo de São Domingos.
Another photo taken from Calçada do Garcia.


AraratDailyPhoto said...

Could that be an Australian flag in the top left corner?

Sonia said...

I always LOVE your photos! This narrow street looks very nice!

Anonymous said...

E podemos fazer uma paragem técnica numa tasquinha se as houver por aí?

Uma por Dia said...

AraratDailyPhoto: yes it could! I will confirm that :)

Thanks Sonia, I'm doing my best.

Quin: Boa sugestão!! Obrigada. vou começar a recolher imagens para dedicar uma semana só a esse tema.

George Townboy said...

Love it! Fantastic photo. I want to walk those streets ... this is the kind of city I love to explore!

Kris McCracken said...

I like this one (and not just because of the Aussie flag). Is this a resteraunt district?

Abby said...

I love the colors in this photo. That is one of the the things I was describing to my mother yesterday - Portugal is so full of color and vibrant beauty. I know it's not possible for you to take if for granted, looking through the camera lens like you do. You are blessed.

Uma por Dia said...

Townboy: I know you will because there are many stories to learn from these people!

Hi Kris! Not only! there are no specific locations for each business, you find everything, everywhere.

Thanks Abby! You are a really passionate!

Jon said...

Calcada do Garcia... it has been many years, but I grew up around that Calcada, not very far na Rua Martim Vaz... this picture does bring back memories.

John (or should I say Joao)