#94 - Tábuas

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Tábuas Grocery, sales African products in an multicultural area located in Largo de São Domingos(see previous posts).

Photo taken from Calçada do Garcia.


George Townboy said...

Beautiful photo!! You always take the shots I would take! Does that mean you have my camera? LOL

Sailor Girl said...


Uma por dia, I dedicate today's second music now playing at Radio Atlântico Azul, as you don'tlike to go to the beach with alligators. LOOOL

It's called «Saeglopur», from the album «TAK» of «Sigur Ros», a fabulous Band from Iceland!!!

(will make a special dedication to you in another post, I'm stressed over here with work...)

Destitute Rebel said...

Uma its wonderful being able to see pictures again :-), a great shot and what a contrast between the big and the small bananas.

Anonymous said...

Vou fechar os olhos a uma ou outra infracção que aqui constato ... diria o fiscal da ASAE ante tão bonita fotografia!

Uma por Dia said...

Thanks George cuteboy, glad you like it :)

Sailor Girl you and you music will make our day tomorrow at work!! Thank you. (yes, today it was a stressed day)

WELCOME BACK Destitute Rebel! Thanks for keep bloging :)
Those are no tiny babanas, those are quiabos.

quintarantino: és um poeta e um amor :)

Anonymous said...

... ó menina, tu mesmo assim preferes o quê? o magro? ora, ora ... isso é porque não apareço na fotografia ... "cocabixinhos"!

Uma por Dia said...