#108 - Hard Rock Café II

Recovered cinema Condes in Restauradores


George Townboy said...

Great shots ... and the night scene is excellent! Hard Rocks are everywhere!

Here in Florida they have teamed up with the Seminole Indian Tribe and open casinos under the Hard Rock franchise name.

Abby said...

I love how they've blended this all in with the architecture of the city. I agree, too - the night scene is amazing! But what about that "map" How did you get the building superimposed on it?

By the way, thanks for yesterday's again. It did touch me. Thanks for looking for shoes, and sharing so much of your beautiful culture, I just love it.

Anonymous said...

Recordo-me perfeitamente da fotografia nocturna que considero magnífica.

Estas fazem justiça a algo que Lisboa tem e que tanta falta me faz aqui no norte: luz resplandecente assim a maior parte dos dias!

Eu sei que visitas e eu também aqui venho com prazer.
É sempre grato ver trabalhos assim.

Uma por Dia said...

Cute one: I have idea that such casinos proliferates by those sides.

You're welcome Abby, I love to share and give people what they like and apreciate.
It is a 3D building from google earth.

Quintino: és um amor! Embora estes últimos dias tenham sido um bocado para o escuro, aqui não nos podemos queixar! ás vezes quero emcontrar uma nuvem porque finha melhor a foto e não tenho sorte nenhuma.

andrée said...

Now I wish we had not stayed on the plane in Lisbon. We should''ve not gone to Madrid and stayed here. With you as our guide. These photos are fantastic.