#120 - Largo do Chiado

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Largo do chiado and praça luis de camões are two connected squares in the area dotted with elegant shops, cafés and “casas de fado”. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view from the intersecting street to the river tagus in the distance, nice proportions, lots of content, a space for people watching, interesting paving, and two monuments. All of these factors make largo do chiado a very good example what can be done in a big city to preserve most of a square’s traditional values.[*]


George Townboy said...

This is gorgeous!! I could go for a nice cup of coffee, Lisbon style, while sitting outside watching people ... and sneaking a photo every once in awhile! I'm in love with Lisbon!

Anonymous said...

É lindo, lindo, lindo!!!

Daniel J Santos said...

Mais um momento muito bem conseguido.

Rachel E. Adams said...

Yours is the most beautiful blog on the portal.
Are those guys locals or tourists?