#110 - Side view of the National Theatre D. Maria II

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Side view of the theatre.


kunal bhatia said...

lovely urban scale, especially in the second photo
- Mindless Mumbai

George Townboy said...

Love these shots! I love Lisbon!!

I think you take pictures just for me, right?


Sonia A. Mascaro said...

So beautiful pictures! Love those buildings and nice architecture!

Aubrey said...

So beautiful. Lisbon looks wonderful and I love the way you've captured it here.

ritalounge said...

Beautiful architecture! I wonder why there is a colonnade of cars? Are there important people inside?

Uma por Dia said...

It is lovely isnt it Kunal? Welcome back :)

Townboy: My pictures are always for you!

Sonia and Aubrey: I come here every day and I never get tired.

Rita: they are taxis waiting for customers :)

Daniel J Santos said...

É nestas alturas que eu fico com uma enorme pena de não conhecer muito do que é a nossa Lisboa.

Gostei, bem conseguido.

Destitute Rebel said...

More lovely shots, The architecture in Lisbon is just amazing, wish I was there taking it all in.