#121 - Largo do Chiado sign

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I have been posting pictures mostly of the center of the city because it is of easy access and I don't have no other chance to do more due to work and classes., however I know that you are liking it as a result of your comments. I thank all your comments and within three weeks I hope that everything goes back to normal and I can get to visit your blogs as well as comment on them because as I said once the only way to built a memory is through sharing. Kisses!


Sailor Girl said...

Don't worry about that!!
But I know what you mean, namely whenever I have little time to visit other blogs... Dont't worry, that's a problem shared by everyone!
Great photo, once again!

Anonymous said...

Eu diria que está ... catita!

Destitute Rebel said...

Loving your pictures of beautiful places, keep up the good work. We'r all busy its the thought that counts.

Champ Townboy said...

Your pictures are all beautiful and nobody could tire of seeing Lisbon the way you present it!! Your dedication to this blog and your blogging community is obvious!


Uma por Dia said...

I love you all! :)