#115 - Florist in Rua Garrett

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"Chiado is the name of a square and its surrounding area in the city of Lisbon, in Portugal. The Chiado is located between the neighbourhoods of Bairro Alto and Baixa Pombalina.
The Chiado is a traditional shopping area that mixes old and modern commercial establishments, concentrated specially in the Carmo and Garrett Streets. Locals as well as tourists visit the Chiado to buy books, garments, pottery as well as to have a cup of coffee. The most famous café of Chiado is "A Brasileira", famous for having had poet Fernando Pessoa among its customers. The Chiado is also an important cultural area, with several museums and theatres.
Several buildings of the Chiado were destroyed in a terrible fire in 1988, an event that deeply shocked the country. Thanks to a renovation project that lasted more than 10 years, coordinated by celebrated architect Siza Vieira, the affected area is now recovered."
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George Townboy said...

You know, this could well be my favorite photo to date!!

Is that the gorgeous redhead I've been looking for????


This is really a special photo ... I love people photos and I love florists and flowers! Thank you! Your city is more beautiful to me every day!

Aubrey said...

The photo is great. I'm curious--what does "Springfield" on the bag refer to?

Ioanna said...

Very vibrant beautiful photo! Lovely!

Sailor Girl said...

BEAUTIFUL! How I love this florist!

mr predictable said...

Ooooo, this is my favorite kind of photo ... all women ... two brunettes, a blond, and a redhead!! LOL

Uma por Dia said...

George: women who appear on my photos are always for you.
Aubrey: Springfield refers to a casual clothing store, very popular in portugal.

Thanks Ioanna and Sailor Girl!

Mr predictable: lol

vero said...

nice photo, the flower are beautiful colours.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Chiado looks a nice neighborhood. Love the photo of those flowers!