#114 - "Lisbon city of tolerance"

Two monuments in stone, one Catholic and one Jewish, and a mural with the inscription in 34 languages, "Lisbon, a city of tolerance" was inaugurated this morning by the representatives of Catholic and Jewish faith, and municipal authorities in Largo de São Domingos.
The "monuments" were executed in marble stone, and the Judeo-shaped half an orange, is a reference to the victims of 1506, and the Catholic formed by several blocks straight with two meters high, is the inscription "we must not forget the sad fate of the Christians ".
The Massacre in Lisbon in 1506 was as it erased the collective memory, a piece of shame that is not forgotten in the books of history, fell by the wayside and only a handful of historians to refer to it. A crowd moved by religious fanaticism chased, violated, torturing and killed between two thousand to four thousand people, accused of being Jewish.


George Townboy said...

Beautiful photo, appropriately black and white! Love it. And the post is excellent ... I love learning the history of Lisbon!

USelaine said...

It looks like a beautiful monument, beautifully photographed.

Anonymous said...

Um momento singular aqui consagrado a preto e branco.
Muito bela e terna!

Sailor Girl said...

Até fiquei arrepiada! ESPECTACULAR!!!!!!!