#109 - The National Theatre D. Maria II

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "The National Theatre D. Maria II (Teatro Nacional D. Maria II) is a theatre in Lisbon, Portugal. The historical theatre is one of the most prestigious Portuguese venues and is located in the Rossio square, in the centre of the city.
The theatre was built on the north side of Rossio square on the site of the old
Estaus Palace, built around 1450 as a lodging for foreign dignitaries and noblemen visiting Lisbon. In the 16th century, when the Inquisition was installed in Portugal, the Estaus Palace became the seat of the Inquisition. The palace survived the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake, but was destroyed by fire in 1836.
Thanks to the intensive efforts of
Romantic poet and dramatist Almeida Garrett, it was decided to replace the old palace by a modern theatre, dedicated to Queen Mary II of Portugal. The building was constructed between 1842 and 1846 to a Neoclassical design by Italian architect Fortunato Lodi.
The building is the best representative of Neoclassical architecture of
Palladian influence in Lisbon. The main feature of the façade is a portico (hexastyle) with six Ionic columns reused from the Saint Francis Convent of Lisbon and a triangular pediment. The tympanum of the pediment is decorated with a sculpted relief showing Apollo and the Muses.
The pediment is topped by a statue of
Renaissance playwriter Gil Vicente (c. 1464-c. 1536), considered the founder of Portuguese theatre. Ironically, some of Gil Vicente's plays had been censured by the Inquisition in the late 16th century.
The interior of the theatre was decorated by many important 19th-century Portuguese artists, but much of this decoration was lost in a fire in 1964. The theatre had to be completely renovated and was reinaugurated only in 1978."


George Townboy said...

I love this photo! And the information is great. I'm fascinated by the scene, really. The newsstand, the people ... excellent!!

Abby said...

It really is lovely, isn't it. SO WHITE! Someone needs to fire the publicist. Bright yellow banners between the columns! Waht were they thinking?

Kris McCracken said...

Great looking building, you can tell that Portugal was a great trading state to have built this!

I see what Abby is saying, but I find the banners quite striking. As long as they are not up ther too long, I think that they are fine.

Anonymous said...

Ops ... alguém tem o emprego em risco!
Bela foto, lindíssima a luz e o enquadramento.

Aqui o jovem gostava de avisar que há um certo Coca, que não é sapo, mas apenas BIXINHOS onde não se consegue comentar porque alguém desactivou os comentários.

Lawstude said...

That building must have served thousands. Great shot!!!

cocabixinhos said...
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Uma por Dia said...

Thanks George!! I'll remember to focus more on those subjects whenever I can :)

Abby: Here who loses the job never get another!!
These banners advertise what is in scene in the theatre and will changing. I never realised that they shocked so much. Perhaps the author is obsessed with the "project yellow".

Kris: I will try to shoot more magnificent buildings. Next week I'll be focusing on Chiado!

Obrigado pelo comentário e pelo aviso Quintino :)
Na realidade bloqueei os comentário de propósito pois não tenho tempo para visitar todos que me visitam, por isso optei por participar sem comentários mas reabro mais logo para os revisitantes :)

Abby said...

okay, okay - it's not that I want to put someone permanently out of a job. It's just, you know SUCH A GORGEOUS building. I'm an interior designer wanting to be an architect - so I know I'm a little bit pickier about this kind of stuff than most would be. Maybe if they only came down about 1/3 the way, and were more in keeping with the dignity of the building - then I wouldn't think it was so out of character. It's kind of like putting a new frame on the Mona Lisa, in hopes it would get more attention.

Destitute Rebel said...

very interesting picture with a history lesson, this is what I like about CDP i learn something new about some new city everyday, Thanks Uma.

Uma por Dia said...

I understand your point Abby :) And I got something new too: I think that "pickier" is the exact mean to the expression "coca bixinhos"! I never thought that i woulg get and english word for it.

Hi destitude! It is because of words as yours that I always try to do better! Also learn quite with you, thanks.

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