#31 - View over downtown

Today I took coffee after lunch at this terrace with this beautiful view. It is very quiet and you don't hear the city noise. It is located at the top floor of Pollux at Rua dos Fanqueiros.


#30 - Watching the sun going down 3

Excuse me the previous 3 days of sun bloging but I couldn't resist.
I took these pictures at Parede, a litle village near Lisbon where I often go to visit friends. It was my first free weekend since September.


#29 - Watching the sun going down 2...

... while drinking the 2nd beer.


#28 - Watching the sun going down 1...

...while drinking a beer.


#27 - Subway

Some photos of the the zoo beautiful subway station.
The Zoo station is one of the eleven stations belonging to the network's original Metro in Lisbon, opened the December 29, 1959. This station is located in Plaza General Humberto Delgado, commonly known as Sete Rios. The station allows access to the Lisbon Zoo and the bus that is located in that square. The original architectural project (1959) was the work of architect and Falcon Cunha and the speeches of plastic painter Mary Keil. In 1995 the station was completely remodelled on the basis of an architectural project created by the architect Benoliel de Carvalho and intervention plastic the painter Julio Resende. The refurbishment of the station meant the extension of the pier boarding and construction of a new lobby with connection to the station of CP Sete Rios.


#26 - Another sunny day

My 16 years old dog at the park today :)


#25 - Cross lines

View from my house window.


#24 - Invasion

Abandoned house next to the building where I live.


#23 - "The real is...

... as imagined as the imaginary"

Tanks for the "you make my day" award monoblog!


#22 - 21th January Moon

Moon at 5.30PM, 4.30PM and my own version, painted a few years in the month of August. Every day I try to find her. And talk with her...


#21 - Mail Box?

Former-mail box located in front of the more expensive restaurant in the city. You can see mobile numbers and a pipe that goes inside it... curious ...


#20 - Sequence 4

Last sequence of the same wall in an abandoned house in a street of Lisbon.


#19 - Sequence 3

Sequence of the same wall in an abandoned house in a street of Lisbon.


#18 - Sequence 2

Sequence of the same wall in an abandoned house in a street of Lisbon.
The second sequence is about an angel offering "music" to a man.


#17 - Sequence 1

The next four posts will be a sequence of the same wall in an abandoned house in a street of Lisbon.
In what was formerly a door , today has been used to paint a bathroom.


#16 - My University without Grafitti

This is the university where I attend the course of anthropology. Here the critical is encouraged ... At least for now.

I dedicate this post to Izmir, Turkey :)http://izmirdailyphoto.blogspot.com/


#15 - USA

Grafitti at the wall of my University


#14 - Men at work

Can you see them?


#13 - Windows


#12 - Naked in the city


#11 - Sidewalk

This is the style of sidewalks in Portugal. Calcareous stones are cut at the time where they will be placed, one by one. There are also black and pink stones forming drawings.


#10 - Building Art


#9 - Rainbow

Today 4Pm rainbow over Lisbon. A few minutes later a new rainbow apeared at the same time but i couldn't caputure it. I wondered if my friend Hamed have the opportunity to see rainbows in UAE.


#8 - Calçada do Garcia

I took this pic while waiting for food in the restaurant. You can se Martin Moniz, where I think there is the master concentration of arabs and indians of Lisbon. There are lots of chinese too, but those are spread for all city. Downthere u have a oriental mall where u can find a great variety of indian food (Hummmm), and exotic goods :)
If u look up the hill u can see a litle bit of Castelo de S. Jorge.


#7 - Marquês de Pombal



"!It is Christmas!
Run to the nearest
shopping mall and buy


#5 - Palácio Foz

The Palácio Foz was built in the XVIII century by the Italian architect Francesco Fabri to the Marquis de Castelo-Melhor and eventually receive the name of the Marquis of Foz who lived in the palace in the XIX century.


#4 - Walking Home

Big park at the heart of the city, half way from work and home, called Parque Eduardo VII, near Marquês do Pombal.


#3 - Pigeon


#2 - Ladies reflected in the window



#1 - DownTown

Hello, this blog is a kind of compromise of mine to put a picture a day about my city. In a way it is the local daily through which I passed, so it is natural that many pictures are taken in the same areas. But at the same time forcing me to look at the city in a different way and look for places where we never spent or recall by its beauty. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

For first photo chose the Down Town, called Rossio, a place that whenever I have time I like to go there.