Sometimes I found this kind of avertising in the city. This one is about a room for rent to students near school. You can take the little paper with the phone # and call it later. I saw it before offering jobs. I wonder if you do have this kind of advertising in the place you live?


Inside Picoas metro station

Picoas Station

"The station opened to the public in 1959 when the inauguration of the network. In architectural and artistic followed the program then adopted for all stations that step, the project is the work of architectural, architect of Keil do Amaral and Falcão e Cunha Arq º and the coating of the work of tile painter Maria Keil.

The standard adopted by Mary Keil for the coating on tiles has been achieved through the use of a variety of plans, with variation of proportion and color, in shades of blue, green and white.

In 1994 the station was the subject of works of renovation and expansion, included in the program of upgrading and expansion of the Metro network. The Architect of Diniz Gomes was the author of the architectural project, the artist was invited Martins Correia plastic.

Martins Correia substantiate their artistic creation in a tribute to women in Lisbon. Over the platforms are panels with topics related to the city, its symbolism and history. The typical pictures of the city, Working Women. The heraldry of Lisbon, the boat with the crows, the black and white flag of the city, Roman columns, all appears in order to better identify the nature of representation plastic.

It's written by Martins Correia was placed in the lobby access North East, an area endowed with its own production to highlight the best, a painted bronze statue in representing Pomona, Greek goddess of fruit and plenty.

In the lobby Sul, Rua Andrade Corvo of access offered by the Paris Metro (RATP) and inserted into a program of cultural exchange between networks of underground, was installed a piece of furniture known as access Guimard. These accesses were created at the beginning of the century by Hector Guimard, Art Nouveau's great name to adorn the entrances of the Paris Metro.

This is a symbolic piece of art in the Metropolitan and when it appears, had great impact on the Parisian urban landscape. The artistic style in which they were built (the new art was still taking its first steps) are not known to most people, they called him the "Subway Style". Today these pieces are part of the Parisian artistic heritage, it is an "ex-libris" of the city." [*]


Mercedes Sign Watcher


Garden of José Fontana Square

This garden it's on my way to work. My favourite uncle attempte the school you see behind it.

"Jardim da Praça José Fontana completely abandoned public-02.08.2008, Ana Nunes

Chairman of the Board of St. George of the Board Arroios responsible for degradation of the area and ensures that this case is not unique in the parish

The garden of José Fontana Square, opposite the old Liceu Camões, the center of Lisbon, is transformed into a space where heavily degraded are rare signs of maintenance. Lack of cleaning and conservation culminates in central bandstand, where many live homeless, day and night. João Taveira, Chairman of the Board of Town of St. George of streams, in which the garden is, throw the blame to the Board of Lisbon.
The garden of your name Henrique Lopes de Mendonça, a tribute to the author of the letter of the national anthem, when the second half of the nineteenth century and is one of the few existing Lisboa with a bandstand in the center. Today, after 96 years of its construction, this stage, designed for the display of philharmonic bands and groups of traditional dance, is completely abandoned and only serves to house the many are homeless who live there permanently.
At the bottom of the structure aged and rusty is a kind of warehouse with broken glass through which you can see inside without the use or loan. Around the bandstand abound the dirt and dried herbs. The state of degradation to which the garden was not going unnoticed by anyone and particularly dislike their visitors and ordinary users. Luís Silva walks him "many years" and that "this is no longer a safe place, but a little garden poorly attended and enjoyable." Saddened with what they see around them, bubble: "It is a pity that the property is damaged thereby."
The chairman of the board of parish, elected by the PSD, confirms that the area "is plangent, especially the bandstand, which has corroded metal and holes." According to the mayor, this is the responsibility of the municipal executive, because, since it took office in 2005, has prompted the conclusion of a protocol that passes the responsibility for the joint treatment of the gardens, "which until now not happened, the arrogance of the Board. "
"I had planned to do animation in the garden to remove the exclusion, particularly with a project with schools that would take classes outdoors on botany," said João Taveira, explaining that the project has not been through because it was not yet concluded the protocol. In their projects was also the use of the bottom of the bandstand to "make a kiosk with newspapers and tables around."
According to João Taveira, was already approved by the Board in a motion that the Board criticizes the state of the gardens of the parish - that of José Fontana Square Garden and the Constantino - and admits taking the matter to the Assembly Hall.
The public tried to contact the local Director of Urban Environment, we could not find it. The office of alderman of Green Spaces, José Sá Fernandes, also gave no information on the subject. " [*]


Equestrian art

Photos by João Quaresma

The Portuguese School of the Equestrian Art is the natural sequence of what the Portuguese Royal Academy, extin-guished in the last century. Even so, that horsemanship and tradition survived and they had a great influence on the way of riding in Portugal.

On the other hand, and due to the continued practice of bullfighting on horseback, the samekind of horse, the same horsemanship, harness and costumes used in the XVIII century have been kept up till nowadays. All this represents a unique cultural equestrian patrimony in the world.

The purpose of this School is not only to keep and divulge this patrimony, but also to the practice and teaching of the Art of riding, which has such a brilliant tradition in Portugal.

The stallions used by the School (EPAE) are Lusitanian horses from the ancient Royal Stud at Alter, founded by King João V in 1748. [*]


Lunch Time scenes



Sky watch Entrecampos

"Praça de Entrecampos is a plaza in Lisbon, Portugal. "Entrecampos" means "between the fields" in Portuguese. Entrecampos is located between Campo Grande ("large field") and Campo Pequeno ("small field").

At the center is Lisbon's Monument to the Heroes of the Peninsular War (Monumento aos Heróis da Guerra Peninsular).

The plaza is the starting point of three major avenues: Avenida da República to the South, Avenida dos Estados Unidos da América to the East and Avenida das Forças Armadas to the West.

The plaza has a Lisbon Metro station on the Yellow Line (Linha Amarela) and a CP railway station. The metro station is spelled as two words, Entre Campos.[1] The railway station is written as a single word, Entrecampos.[2] Lines serving the railway station include the Alfa Pendular and suburban lines." [*]


Soap advertising

The fire of Chiado 1988 took place in the early hours of August 25, for 4.30h, and Grandela stores building was destroyed in half an hour by flames.


Lisbon walls

Av. Duque de Loulé


La Diabla

While every buiziness is closing, Tattoo stores are opening in every corner!


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