May 2010 theme day: Statues

Marquês de Pombal Statue by night

Big party at round the statue yesterday night, I could hear the fireworks and see the sky all red from my window. On May 9th, Benfica became the Champion of the 2009-2010 Season against Rio Ave winning with two goals from Cardozo, which made him the top scorer of the season. After the end of the championship, Benfica was 5 points ahead the runner-up, SC Braga (the best place that Braga had in the history of the club), and had 76 points out of 90, with 24 victories, 4 draws and 2 defeats, with 78 goals scored and 20 suffered, and has a direct entry on the next years' UEFA Champions League. I'm sure that many didn't slep tonight. 

João Quaresma was on the party and kindly sent me these photos. Thank you João...e parabens :)

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Marquês de Pombal Statue by day

Today I went for a shooting at downtown by bus. When we are passing Marquês de Pombal Statue the was some guys plowing land, wich looked to me natural once the Pope is coming to town tomorrow and there are people working everywere putting the city pretty.

But the old lady next to me said: "Look what those punks did tonight at Benfica party, they destroyed all the roses, now the Pope wont see any roses!" 

I pulled my camera out and shoot what I could. I told the lady: Don't worry, Im sure they manage to put the roses back there till tomorrow". They are magicians here when they want to.

2010 04 09_3851

2010 04 09_3849

At downtown after a shooting I flowed the crowd noise and figured out that what looked like another Benfica party was about to begin, so I shot 2 videos. One trying to get in, and the other trying to get out of there :)

Ha!  And I spoted this for the gentleman :)

2010 04 09_3857

2010 04 09_3856


City Scenes Downtown 13



And today...for the gentleman :)

Dave and Julie posted their visit Here, Go take a look :)


City Scenes Downtown 11

For the ladys


City Scenes Downtown 10


Blog day topic: The Tenin Technique



The Arco da Rua Augusta leading from Praca do Comercio to the Baixa's main, pedestrianised street.
The figures on the arch include Vasco da Gama and the Marques de Pombal

City Scenes Downtown 9



Just a street lamp.


City Scenes Downtown 8

Bookstore Diário de Notícias, Rossio. The façade is from 1938.


City Scenes Downtown 7

Igreja do Carmo

This amazing gothic monument, or what's left of it, was founded by Nuno Álvares Pereira, the commander that became a member of the Carmelite Order. Its construction was finished in 1423 and was at that time the biggest church in Lisbon.

The ruins of the Carmo Church, left by the devastating earthquake in 1755, are best seen from the Baixa (downtown) especially from Rossio, from Graça or from St. George Castle. They represent centuries of history and is home to the Archaeological Carmo Museum.

In this museum there is a historical collection of inestimable value with pieces from prehistory to contemporaneity. So, make sure you go beyond the external wealth of these ruins and take a look inside for an enriching insight into the past! [*]


City Scenes Downtown 6

People, pigeons and water at Rossio Square.


City Scenes Downtown 5


City Scenes Downtown 4

Well...Rossio square again!


City Scenes Downtown 3


Rossio Square


City Scenes Downtown 2

   Rossio square

"Rossio is one of the most beautiful squares in Lisbon. People pass here everyday, rushing for work, and hardly take the time to look around. It's not only the beautiful monuments and the fountains, or its fascinating history... Rossio is a living book.

Recently renovated, it hasn't lost any of its mysticism... Feel it around the D. Maria II National Theatre, where many plays were, and are, performed and seen by Kings and Queens, around the fountains used at the beginning of October to baptize the freshmen as they were about to enter the University -, around the cafes frequented by famous Portuguese personalities - like Cafe Nicola founded in 1929 - and yes, oh yes, smell it on freshly roasted chestnuts that have been sold in the Rossio Square for many many years.

In the middle of the square there's a statue of Dom Pedro IV and at its foot the four female figures representing Justice, Wisdom, Strength and Moderation, qualities attributed to Dom Pedro himself.
The originally called 'Dom Pedro IV Square', got the name Rossio from the local people and it's still today a traditional meeting point both for Lisboetas and visitors." [*]

Take a tour :)

Ver mapa maior


City Scenes Downtown 1

Rossio Square
Praça do Rossio

Take a google walk :)                                                                                


Theme day topic: Passageway


Passageway to the river

View of the Arch linking the Augusta Street and Commerce Square.

PS: Theme day should have been the Full Moon, don't you think?


Happy Valentine's Day for you all!!

Municipal Square
Lisbon's City Hall

West of Comercio Square, following Rua do Arsenal, is Praça do Municipio (Municipal Square), a small peaceful square where the City Hall, Appeals Court and Navy Arsenal stand.

The City Hall building is a neoclassical palace with an elegant exterior featuring sculptures on the triangular tympanum supported by four paired columns. The interior, which can only be visited on free guided tours on Sunday mornings, is rich in works of art, including a painting showing Marquês de Pombal during the times of the reconstruction of Lisbon.

Outside the building is an interesting pillory with a spiral column built of a single block in the 18th century, and crowned with a gilt metal sphere.

Ride Lisbon's metro, buses, and trams for FREE with the Lisboa Card.
Where: Baixa
How: Walk from Comercio Square or down from Chiado.
When: Sunday mornings

Sights Nearby

Comercio Square - Monumental riverside square.
Rua Augusta - The city's main shopping street.
Conceição Velha Church - Church that survived the Great Earthquake.
Santa Justa Elevator - An Eiffel Tower-like landmark with views over the city.
Rossio Square - Lisbon's elegant main square.
Figueira Square - Busy square and transporation hub.
São Domingos Church - A church marked by tragedy.
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão - Pedestrian street lined with seafood restaurants.
Rossio Station - A monumental train station.


Theme day topic: Wood

Church bell from Igreja de São Sebastião da Pedreira

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Lisbon Mosque