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The Cidade Museum sky watch

The Cidade Museum (City Museum) is situated in the lovely Pimenta Palace, in Campo Grande, on the northern side of the Portuguese capital: Lisboa. This Museum presents a rich collection, along with the also very rich history of Lisboa, comprising collections of archaeology, painting, drawing, ceramics, among many others that testify the town’s history since the remote pre-historical times up until the beginning of the 20th century. As the collection is installed in the beautiful Pimenta Palace, the visit includes the interior and the gardens of the palace. Some of the collection’s highlights are the Maquette of Lisboa city in 1750, five years before the big earthquake and tsunami of 1755 that destroyed the majority of the town; the documents of the construction time of the majestic Águas Livres aqueduct; or the piano where Alfredo Keil wrote the “Portuguesa”, the National hymn, among many other historical pieces. [*]