#144 - Lisbon Hippodrome

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The Hippodrome in the Campo Grande held the oldest international contest of official jumps of the world, organized by the Portuguese Society Hípica (SHP), receives this year for the first time the five-star distinction, the highest ranking official attributed the bidding.


Anonymous said...

Que raio de fixação por "bumbuns" ... susto?
Susto apanhei-o eu quando ontem vi num ápice esfumarem-se três projectos que muito trabalho me deram ... coisas de piratas!
E como tinha tudo o que era contacto num blog linkado a um dos que se desvaneceu ...

Uma por Dia said...

Há alguma coisa melhor nesta vida que os Bum Buns?! LOL

:( foi pena, há pessoal que só se sente bem a destruir...não se percebe.

Abby said...

I agree. Nothing better than that in the entire world. Great shot, by the way - you must've been ready to grab the photo - we won't say anything about what was in the photo - the seated gentleman was rather incredible as well. SOOOO much nicer than the sports car. You can tell I'm a people person, can't you? Have a great day.

USelaine said...

Horses are such magnificent creatures! That jump shot is beautiful. I also love the horseshoe door handle.

Anonymous said...

a wonderful moment. very nice capture

Small City Scenes said...

Great jumping shot. My daughter and G-daughter will be at a horse event on Sunday but not jumping.
LOVE the car. MB

Uma por Dia said...

Abby: We have the same kind of interests! LOL
I prefer it to the car also :)

Thanks USelaine

Evlahos: was a beautiful day despite the rain, it is always good to avoid the routine .

MB: Hope to see some photos of the event.
The car is a lamborghini.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Great photos!

Thanks for your visiting and comments. I would love to see your oldies photos, too.

George Townboy said...

You are obviously having fun!!

Uma por Dia said...

It was fun, yes :)