#139 - The place where I was born

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Maternidade Alfredo da Costa

The Parenting Alfredo da Costa is located in the parish of São Sebastião da Pedreira. It was built on the foundations of a temple, with the project architect Miguel Ventura Terra.

The first maternity in Lisbon to be designed and built from scratch was inaugurated on December 5, 1932. He was its founder and first director Professor Augusto de Almeida Monjardino. It appears that the work of special protection and defence of pregnant women have taken beginning in 1755, after the earthquake that destroyed more than half of the city of Lisbon. One of the buildings destroyed, not only by the earthquake but also by the subsequent fire, was the All Saints Hospital, whose patients had to be transferred to the College of St. Anthony. This building was once outside the main house of Jesuits and was seized with all other property.


George Townboy said...

Thank you Maternidade Alfredo da Costa for delivering such an awesome person into society!!

Beautiful photo ... looks like a really nice hospital!

Maternidade Alfredo da Costa said...

It was easy, she was in a hurry.

Small City Scenes said...

It is a beautiful hospital. thanks for the history about it. MB

Sailor Girl said...

LOOL for George Townboy!!!