#179 - Police on Segway



George Townboy said...

I remember when they used to ride horses! LOL

Love this photo, there is so much going on in it!! Fantastic shot!!

cocabixinhos said...

Thank you :)
They still ride horses but not in downtown.

JC said...

Beautiful pictures, all of them. Have a great weekend.

Só- Poesias e outros itens said...

Boa idéia essa dos patinetes para os policiais.


JU Gioli

Daniel J Santos said...

Tá giro, ainda um dia deste vi aqui uns seguranças a fazer o mesmo, não percebi também é como é que aquilo funciona.

Dick said...

That looks cool, I think at the end of this year they are allowed here too. Nice shot.

uma por dia said...

Aqui usam os seguranças e os policias, mas também já vi particulares usarem. São electricos.
Beijos Daniel e Ju

Dick: its a very clean way of mooving and without noise.

Greyscale Territory said...

This is a great shot! What do you call those things the police are riding? They look like mini lawnmowers or a modern version of a Roman chariot minus the horse!