#173 - Edifício Heron Castilho

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George Townboy said...

This is absolutely stunning!! You have such an amazing city.

cocabixinhos said...

I like the way they recover old buildings.

sonia a.m. said...

Lindas as fotos! É um grande prazer visitar o seu blog!
Bom domingo!

Dick said...

wow that's a special mix of styles, I like it. Thanks for your visits I appreciate it very much.

Contra-pontos said...

Lindos ângulos de renovação em Portugal, esse mescla do antigo e do moderno, que surpreende. bela luminosidade.


JU Gioli

Abby said...

Hi nice lady,
Try this:

Let me know if it doesn't work.

Joao Quaresma said...

I too like this kind of rebuilds, using old facades. Unfortunately, only in a minority of cases the results are successful. Most of the time it's building tuning, not architecture.

Our Prime Minister, José Socrates, is the owner of two of the flats in this building.

Uma said...

:) Estava a ver que ninguem reconhecia!