#155 - My Neighborhood V

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Restaurant Aya

"It is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants of the capital, where the niponic flavours and fragrances are mixed to create dishes that are true delicacies. All this on the direction of the head Takashi Yoshitake." [*]

Environment and decoration: Decoration in soft colors, medium light, calm and relaxing environment.
Specialties: Tempura (fried panados); Sushi and Sashimi (raw fish); Sukiyaki and Udonsuki (fondues); Makimono; Porco panado; fried chicken with special sauce; saké.
Parking: Yes


Click here for a macro of the vessel in the first picture.


George Townboy said...

Beautiful!! I love the way you shot these photos. Your neighborhood gets better and better!

Anonymous said...

very nice captures

Sailor Girl said...

I LOVE AYA!!! I used to have dinner there, in the old times, when the restaurant was at Santos-o-Velho. Never tried this one, thogh! I love Japonese Food!!!

Uma por Dia said...

Thank you!!!