#366 - The Naughty pigeon

I didn't thought in any photos in particular to my last mandatory post, therefore I chose a series of them taken last September 1st and which had already posted on another blog of mine. I think it is funny!
The fountain is located in downtown Lisbon, and is the same as can be seen in the header.

I wish you all a happy new year!


#365 - The Beggar


#364 - Chestnut vendor

In autumn streets and squares of lisbon are invaded by wheeled coal braziers, in which chestnuts are roasted and then sold to passers-by. the braziers produce a warm, pleasant scent of roasted chestnuts as well as clouds of white smoke, which rise in the air making lisbon look a mysteriously magical place. this photo shows lisbon's downtown, between figueira square and rossio square. [*]


#363 - Crew Hassan VIII

That was the full moon reflected.




#360 - Merry Christmas!!

The Zon Christmas tree shines at the top of the Parque Eduardo VII, Lisbon. It is the largest Christmas tree in Europe and where it is illuminated, can be seen from several points of Lisbon.

In all, the tree took 1 625 000 microlâmpadas and almost 13 kilometers of hose light, as well as 1 500 bulbs' ball 'and 90 neon stars.

The biggest Christmas tree in Europe is to return to Lisbon after the last year have been built in Porto, and can be seen until January 06.


#359 - A too long post

Av da Republica facing Saldanha

Av Republica sky

Av João XXI

Av de Berna: way home

Campo Pequeno: Last shoppings

Down to the shopping, shooting up

Av Republica again after shopping

Amazing where people can reach to put grafittis!!

Just some old and new buildings

Av da Republica again! LOL
Hope you dont guet bored but I loved the sky today.

Sky over TMN

Some funny ad

Entrecampos I

Entrcampos II

Entrecampos III

Sete Rios

Get up...stand up!

Sete rios Sky watch

Twin Towers: almost home

Oposite side sky

My street



#357 - Crew Hassan IV

With an extremely decor itself in Crew Hassan can do what we want: take part in workshops of percussion or scratch, listening to music, attend concerts and to make, sell or swap old disks.

Rather warm and waiting for new projects and home, this cooperative is accepted willingly proposals for exhibitions (painting, photography, video, installations, public works etc). This time the space multiplied by a number of rooms is constantly changing, a day could be the scene of an intimate concert to quickly become a dark room where movies are short films of national directors. If there is there a singer or a musician to shy watching, we have a music studio. Insinue is q.b. from the management that they lend the space!


#356- Crew Hassan III

In 2005, the Crew Hassan joined some 30 artisans in the same area, along with some bands, DJs and art installations. During a week, the doors of this' Christmas Social 'were open to all people who wanted to buy gifts at value prices and at the same time help improve the Christmas of these artisans. The initiative was such a success that has been repeated every year.

Crew Hassan. R das Portas de St Antão 159 – 1º


#355 - Crew Hassan II

Another objective of the Crew Hassan is keeping a frenetic pace of activities. Therefore, in addition to concerts and DJ sets, there are classes in music and DJing, sewing workshops and multimedia installations.

And yet workshops of different themes such as astrology, free software or recycling. All this with due support from a bar and, more recently, a service of vegetarian cooking dinner. On the ground floor there is still room for a shop, which ends up being an extension of one of the biggest events with the reputation of the Crew Hassan: the Social Christmas.


#354 - Crew Hassan I

Crew Hassan is a cultural cooperative (with social concerns) formed in 2004. Nomadic for two years, met once in 2006 in the historic center of Lisbon, on the streets of Port of St. Anthony (the same charm and atmosphere of the Coliseum). From the outset, has sought to boost the cultural life of this capital and home of windows facing into the Politeama, there is room for music, painting, photography, film, video, installation. Creativity is always welcome and no one is at the door.


#351 - Casa do Alentejo I


It was palace, casino, club. With a history that dates back to the seventeenth century, the flagship house of Alentejo is now a museum of arts and styles. Reference in cultural and gastronomic itinerary from Lisbon, it is also a role model of associations, which seeks to preserve and disseminate the knowledge and traditions Alentejo.

It is located in my favorite streets, Rua Portas de Sto Antão, and tomorrow I'll post more of it.