#366 - The Naughty pigeon

I didn't thought in any photos in particular to my last mandatory post, therefore I chose a series of them taken last September 1st and which had already posted on another blog of mine. I think it is funny!
The fountain is located in downtown Lisbon, and is the same as can be seen in the header.

I wish you all a happy new year!


George Townboy said...


It is funny, lol, I'm laughing out loud, and rolling on the floor, well, I was, before I decided to comment on these hilarious photos, anyway.

Happy New Year to you too!! You made 2008 a MOST INTERESTING year!

Small City Scenes said...

Yes, what is this mandatory???

Well the pigeon is busy and the fountain spirit is really spraying. Hmmmmmm MB

JM said...

Bom ano, Maria João, tudo de bom! :-)

Ken Mac said...

beautiful statue. kinky pigeon. Happy New Year!

PJ said...

Kinky pigeon? Too right! Happy new Year MJ!

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Feliz año! Esta estatua o está muy incómoda o se lo pasa muy bien. Aunque pensándolo bien las palomas son un poco como las ratas.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is FUNNY!! Great candid/comic moment.

Love the fountain and sculpture too.