#364 - Chestnut vendor

In autumn streets and squares of lisbon are invaded by wheeled coal braziers, in which chestnuts are roasted and then sold to passers-by. the braziers produce a warm, pleasant scent of roasted chestnuts as well as clouds of white smoke, which rise in the air making lisbon look a mysteriously magical place. this photo shows lisbon's downtown, between figueira square and rossio square. [*]


Albertine said...

I've never had a roasted chestnut, but I wouldn't mind trying one of hers.

Great shot and wonderful post!

Small City Scenes said...

What fun---I would like to be in that magical place. Neat post. MB

PJ said...

Tomorrow's the big day! I love seeing people reach their anniversaries and you've done an incredible amount of work.

Anonymous said...

Lisbon is one of my next town to visit
Ciao from Rome


Uma por Dia said...

I can never resist to this wonderful smell :)

PJ: Thank you, It's on the 31st the big day, thats why the blog its called 366! Yepiiiiiii