#346 - Vendedor de farturas

I do not know how to translate into English but I can tell you they are large and sweet, fried and involved in sugar and cinnamon.

7 dl + - hot water
500 grams of flour
3 grams of baking powder (teaspoon)
3 grams of bicabornato of soda (teaspoon)
1 pinch of salt
sugar q.b.
cinnamon powder q.b.
oil for frying q.b.

Bring water to the fire with a pinch of salt.
Once you lift off the boil and book light.
In one container put the flour mixed with yeast and bicabornato.
Then go to adding hot water (not boiling) in wire in flour stirring with wooden spoon or by hand.
The mass should be light and thin.
After this operation leaves the body at rest park for half an hour.
Heat the oil well.
With the help of a wet spoon in water fills the bag of pastry with the mouthpiece and start to squeeze crimp in the oil and hot from the center of Utrecht in aspiral.
With two forks of cooking, go by moving the mass.
Turn them as soon as it can to fritem evenly.
When lourinhas, remove and put to drain on paper towels.
After running off cut pieces with a scissors and pass them with sugar and cinnamon.


BeanTownBoy said...

Now I'm starving!! Thanks for the recipe, but I can't cook! LOL

Small City Scenes said...

They look good--sound kinda like fried bread dough rolled in suger and cinamon. Tasty. MB

Anonymous said...

Isto vai deixar my wife happppy.
Valdemar (Sydney)