#338 - Rossio tonight

Fresh new pics from a few hours ago!
It wasnt raining when I got out from work so I walked on my new boots to downtown. I took several pics and I'm happy because they are not all crappy like the night pics i used to take. I learn some tecnics on a short workshop. They didnt talked about night shots and it was a video worshop, but i think I adjust it well.
I'll post tomorrow 3 photos of a panel that I took in the subway, I just took those 3 and I think they came pretty good comparing to what I was doing.
Well, anough for tonight, nighty night, sleep tight!

Returned to say that they said in that workshop not to take pictures like the 1st one but I can't hep it because I like it. See you at noon :)


George Townboy said...

Gorgeous photos!! You learned and adapted well. Fabtastic job!

PJ said...

My post for today was about the same thing, I took a class too! The first picture is great, what's not to love?