#210 - Rua alexandre Herculano Sky II

Alexandre Herculano de Carvalho e Araújo (March 28, 1810—September 13, 1877), Portuguese historian, was born in Lisbon of humble stock, his grandfather having been a foreman stonemason in the royal employ.


On entering parliament in 1840 he resigned the editorship to devote himself to history, but he still remained its most important contributor. Up to the age of twenty-five Herculano had been a poet, but he then abandoned poetry to Garrett, and after several essays in that direction he definitely introduced the historical novel into Portugal in 1844 by a book written in imitation of Walter Scott. Eurico treats of the fall of the Visigothic monarchy and the beginnings of resistance in the Asturias which gave birth to the Christian kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula, while the Monge de Cister, published in 1848, describes the time of King John I, when the middle class and the municipalities first asserted their power and elected a king in opposition to the nobility.

From an artistic standpoint, these stories are rather laboured productions, besides being ultra-romantic in tone; but it must be remembered that they were written mainly with an educational object, and, moreover, they deserve high praise for their style. Herculano had greater book learning than Scott, but lacked descriptive talent and skill in dialogue. His touch is heavy, and these novels show no dramatic power, which accounts for his failure as a playwright, but their influence was as great as their followers were many, and they still find readers. [*]


George Townboy said...

Two beautiful photos! Love the sky, and the architecture is tremendous. Awesome post!

A Serenade

Ah! County Guy, the hour is nigh,
The sun has left the lea,
The orange flower perfumes the bower,
The breeze is on the sea.
The lark his lay who thrill'd all day
Sits hush'd his partner nigh:
Breeze, bird, and flower confess the hour,
But where is County Guy?

The village maid steals through the shade,
Her shepherd's suit to hear;
To beauty shy, by lattice high,
Sings high-born Cavalier.
The star of Love, all stars above
Now reigns o'er earth and sky;

And high and low the influence know--
But where is County Guy?

Sir Walter Scott

mary jo said...

You are awesome Townboy although I find the poem a bit difficult! Thank you :)

chrome3d said...

Beautiful building and lots of history too. Your posts are very historical and timeless.

Sailor Girl said...

Lovely post!

Abby said...

That is such a beautiful building. I'd love to live there - how fun would that be!

Now, here's my best at translating that poem for you.

Um Serenade
Ah! Homen do Condado, a hora é iminente,
O sol já deixou o pastagem,
A flor laranja perfumea a arbor
A brisa é sobre o mar.
A cotovia que vibra todo o dia.
Senta silenciado o seu parceiro próximo
Brisa, pássaros, e flores confessam a hora,
Mas onde está o Homen do Condado?

A menina da aldeia vai através da sombra,
Prá ouvir o amor de sua pretendente;
A beleza tímido, por cercas altas,
Canta alto-nascido cavalheiro.
A estrela do Amor, todas as estrelas acima
Agora reina sobre terra e do céu;
E de alta e baixa a influência conheçem --
Mas onde está o Homen do Condado?

Sir Walter Scott

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