#198 - Encarnação Church

Just at the opposite side of the street and in front of Loreto church you find Nossa Senhora da encarnação Church wich I dedicate to the cute George Townboy who loves churches.

Encarnação Church

The lovely Encarnação Church is situated in the heart of Lisboa, in the exquisite historical old quarter of Lisboa, Chiado, right in front of the famous Our Lady of Loureto Church.
Founded in 1708, for its construction part of the medieval defensive wall of the 14th century was demolished. The set of this church and the Loreto Church formed one of the noble entrance doors in Lisboa.

The Temple got quite destroyed with the big earthquake of 1755, and in 1784 got several modifications and restoration works, according to the plan of the renowned Architect Manuel Caetano de Sousa.

The façade of the Temple presents a neo-classical architectonic style combined with a range of Rocaille elements. The façade also houses the interesting Saint Catherine images that were part of the ancient medieval door. [*]


George Townboy said...

That's so sweet of you dedicating the post to me!! I'm honored! Amazing!

Beautiful church, once again, and thanks for the history too. Lisbon has such a fantastic collection of churches, there's nothing like this where I live!


Mary Jo said...

If you come here you have churches all over the places, dont miss chiado and you can visit 3 in the same square! LOL

Daniel J Santos said...

belo lugar, sim senhor.