#189 - Calçada do Carmo

189 1

At the top of the stairs from Calçada do Duque you find Calçada do Carmo with this wonderful terrace were I had lunch.
As you can see, you can buy some newespaper while waiting for the food or visit the local Sex Shop.


George Townboy said...

This is a fantastic post!! The photos are incredible (you know I like news dealers). And to have the option to visit a sex shop while waiting for your lunch is a wonderful reason to eat at that restaurant!! I see the sign in the window says megasexII, does that mean it is one of many sex shops in Lisbon?

BTW, I've never been in a sex shop, what is it they sell?

Coca Cutie said...

Thank you Townboy, this is a nice place to go for a drink at night too :)
There are several Sex shops in Lisbon, I'm remembering 4 in that area.
They sell sex articles, videos and have peep show. You should visit one at leat once in your live! LOL

George Townboy said...

Peep Show? LOL
Okay, I'll look for one soon.

Anonymous said...

Que devassidão para aqui vai ... não só já se mostram sex-shops que se podem visitar enquanto se aguarda pelo petisco como ainda por cima se anda ali a dizer ao nosso amigo comum para visitar uma por causa dos peep shows!

Ó meuz amigos, num habia necezzidaddde! :)

Mary Jo said...

Para visitar uma. (ponto) hehe
Estás convidado para um almocinho comigo neste sitio maravilhoso e podes ficar a ler o jornal! :)

Anonymous said...

Ai não ... se algum dia o tal almoço se concretizar das duas uma: ou tu ficas sentada à minha beira a dar duas de prosa ou vamos os dois espreitar a tal loja ... :)

MARY JO said...

Boa resposta companheiro!
Dá sempre para fazer as duas coisas :)

The D in D & T said...

geez, even our sex shops look the same! it really amazes me the similarities between lisbon and athens!