#204 - Chiado Sky Series 5


George Townboy said...

I feel like I'm there, looking up at the lamp and the sky, straight up!

Oh, oh, I'm falling backwards! Catch me! Don't let me fall on my cute butt!!

Awesome Chiado Sky shot!!

Small City Scenes said...

That is great. Are you lying in the middle of the street?

Lawstude said...

another amazing capture.

have a nice day!!!

sonia a.m. said...

Nice photo, Mary Jo! Amazing perspective!

Jackie said...

These are all such gorgeous shots - looks like you've still got the perfect weather (can we have some please?!).

Just to let you know I have awarded you An Award. Feel free to ignore, or come and collect it over at my place (second July 22nd entry). Hopefully it will get you a few more visitors anyway.

Coca Cutie said...
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Mary Jo said...

Townboy: i'll be always here to catch tour cute butt!

MB, I was standing, I dont really know how I do these catches.

Thank you Sónia :)

Jackie: We gonna have perfect weather until November :)
Thanks for the award, I'm flattered, very kind of you :)

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

GREAT sky shot!