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Municipal Square
Lisbon's City Hall

West of Comercio Square, following Rua do Arsenal, is Praça do Municipio (Municipal Square), a small peaceful square where the City Hall, Appeals Court and Navy Arsenal stand.

The City Hall building is a neoclassical palace with an elegant exterior featuring sculptures on the triangular tympanum supported by four paired columns. The interior, which can only be visited on free guided tours on Sunday mornings, is rich in works of art, including a painting showing Marquês de Pombal during the times of the reconstruction of Lisbon.

Outside the building is an interesting pillory with a spiral column built of a single block in the 18th century, and crowned with a gilt metal sphere.

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Where: Baixa
How: Walk from Comercio Square or down from Chiado.
When: Sunday mornings

Sights Nearby

Comercio Square - Monumental riverside square.
Rua Augusta - The city's main shopping street.
Conceição Velha Church - Church that survived the Great Earthquake.
Santa Justa Elevator - An Eiffel Tower-like landmark with views over the city.
Rossio Square - Lisbon's elegant main square.
Figueira Square - Busy square and transporation hub.
São Domingos Church - A church marked by tragedy.
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão - Pedestrian street lined with seafood restaurants.
Rossio Station - A monumental train station.


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