May 2010 theme day: Statues

Marquês de Pombal Statue by night

Big party at round the statue yesterday night, I could hear the fireworks and see the sky all red from my window. On May 9th, Benfica became the Champion of the 2009-2010 Season against Rio Ave winning with two goals from Cardozo, which made him the top scorer of the season. After the end of the championship, Benfica was 5 points ahead the runner-up, SC Braga (the best place that Braga had in the history of the club), and had 76 points out of 90, with 24 victories, 4 draws and 2 defeats, with 78 goals scored and 20 suffered, and has a direct entry on the next years' UEFA Champions League. I'm sure that many didn't slep tonight. 

João Quaresma was on the party and kindly sent me these photos. Thank you João...e parabens :)

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Fwd: Festa do Benficaphoto by João Quaresma

Marquês de Pombal Statue by day

Today I went for a shooting at downtown by bus. When we are passing Marquês de Pombal Statue the was some guys plowing land, wich looked to me natural once the Pope is coming to town tomorrow and there are people working everywere putting the city pretty.

But the old lady next to me said: "Look what those punks did tonight at Benfica party, they destroyed all the roses, now the Pope wont see any roses!" 

I pulled my camera out and shoot what I could. I told the lady: Don't worry, Im sure they manage to put the roses back there till tomorrow". They are magicians here when they want to.

2010 04 09_3851

2010 04 09_3849

At downtown after a shooting I flowed the crowd noise and figured out that what looked like another Benfica party was about to begin, so I shot 2 videos. One trying to get in, and the other trying to get out of there :)

Ha!  And I spoted this for the gentleman :)

2010 04 09_3857

2010 04 09_3856


Small City Scenes said...

Wow the streets were really packed. It sure pays to be a winner. Love the videos--coming and going--from no-one to packed. Do cars use that road too?

Silly men's undies. MB

Joao Quaresma said...

SCS: not that strech of Rua do Arsenal; it's just for public transportation. According to the Police, there were some 200,000 in the streets that night. :)

And, no, I'm not a Benfica fan.