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   Rossio square

"Rossio is one of the most beautiful squares in Lisbon. People pass here everyday, rushing for work, and hardly take the time to look around. It's not only the beautiful monuments and the fountains, or its fascinating history... Rossio is a living book.

Recently renovated, it hasn't lost any of its mysticism... Feel it around the D. Maria II National Theatre, where many plays were, and are, performed and seen by Kings and Queens, around the fountains used at the beginning of October to baptize the freshmen as they were about to enter the University -, around the cafes frequented by famous Portuguese personalities - like Cafe Nicola founded in 1929 - and yes, oh yes, smell it on freshly roasted chestnuts that have been sold in the Rossio Square for many many years.

In the middle of the square there's a statue of Dom Pedro IV and at its foot the four female figures representing Justice, Wisdom, Strength and Moderation, qualities attributed to Dom Pedro himself.
The originally called 'Dom Pedro IV Square', got the name Rossio from the local people and it's still today a traditional meeting point both for Lisboetas and visitors." [*]

Take a tour :)

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Hilda said...

A tour definitely sounds called for around the square.

Love your first shot. She looks like she's lording it over the pigeons. ;)

Small City Scenes said...

A wonderful square for sure. A great place for young and old to gather.

I took some Tulips to my Mother---I should have taken a golden daff. MB

sonia a. mascaro said...

Lindas estas cenas urbanas!

Se existe algum país em que eu gostaria de morar, esse país é Portugal. Como brasileira, pela língua e pela história, Portugal seria minha segunda casa.