#72 - Thirst!

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Detail of wall outside the Palácio de Belém, official residence of the President of the Republic.


George Townboy said...

I like it! You can get that close to the official residence?

Sailor Girl said...

Of course «Uma por Dia» can!!! She is «Uma por Dia» so she's allowed to do anything she likes, right???



Sonia said...

Nice photo and interesting detail!

Anonymous said...

What? No water and no wine running there?

I don´t know if you are found of those tag things, but I was tagged by a friend and had to tag eight more. You were one of them.

You are to list 8 facts/habits that none of your readers knows about you.
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Jackie said...

Lovely close-up shot! I like it.

Ruela said...

cool ;)

Uma por Dia said...


Thanks for taking care of my blog while I was working hard :)
Now I'm from school holidays for the next two weeks and hope to have more time to dedicate to my photos and to this blog.

George: Here the president of the republic does not have much importance ... the prime minister is that it is controversial.

Ó Quim, thank you very much and now I will peek ... lol

SloganMurugan said...


Sailor Girl said...

LOOOLLL!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!! Adorei a resposta ao George!!!