#57 - Trapped

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Trapped between walls! That's like I'm feeling now working all day and attend college at night. I do not have any free time left. I will try and keep posting everyday but I can not comment or visit your blogs with such regularity. I will do my best and visit you at weekends until middle of June.

Photo taken to the Cultural Centre of Belém. I dont know why but I love these walls.


quintarantino said...

Esta está espectáculo.
Se puderes e te apetecer, aparece!
Tenho lá um mimo.

The D in D & T said...

I'm with you, these walls are stunning and your photo is perfect.

I like the details in the walls, and sometimes, I think we all feel boxed in. I know I feel a little that way at the moment - work, life, stress uggghhh.

Take care of yourself through it all.

Petrea said...

I like these walls, too.

Uma, bless you and good luck with your studies!

gizelle said...

great space in no space...

inside our house that's how I am somtimes, but fun. hang on! =)

Travis said...

This photo is great. I understand the lack of free time. I am currently teaching all day and taking classes for another teaching degree. Fun, but long hours.