#42 - Detailed facade of Museu Nacional dos Coches

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"The National Coach Museum houses and exhibits, under an exquisite ambiance of the old Royal Riding Arena of Belém Palace, an exceptional collection of ceremonial vehicles from the Royal family, dating from 17th Century to late19th Century.Considered the most remarkable collection in the world of this kind, it allows the visitor to follow both the technical evolution of animal pulled transport and the changes of taste expressed in the decorative arts and vehicle ornaments.
The National Coach Museum is one of the most visited museums in Portugal and certainly of Lisbon."

I prefer its façade!
I dedicate this post to The D in D & T & The T in D & T from Athens [Perspective] for their kindness helpfull in my blogger templates :)


The D in D & T said...

Thank you for the dedication, that's really nice of you. It wasnt anything at all, and your blog looks great! If you want your photos to look less pixelated (this was another problem we had for awhile) try using photobucket, it's easy to use. If you need a hand with it, please let me know. And again, thank you!

quintarantino said...

Muito impressionante. O interior também não é nada mau.

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

Do you think to show us any inside picture ? I'm sure will be interesting !

Uma por Dia said...

I think I will Fabrizio. I intend to go there some sunday. But the problem is that I dont know if I'm alowed to take photos inside!

Jilly said...

This is just beautiful. Wonderful carving.

Lady Demeter said...

When I was a child I was afraid of those sculptures :(

thanks for visiting my blog! :)