#322 - 100 Years of Ford T, on the 26th of October - I

Photos by João Quaresma

Thanks again João Quaresma for submitting this wonderful photos :)

Tune tomorrow to see more models of this awesome car.


George Townboy said...

Great shots! You know what FORD stands for? Fix Or Repair Daily ... Found On Road Dead, lol. Just kidding. Fords are awesome.

Small City Scenes said...

Cool cars. It is amazing how much of those older cars were made with wood.
Drivers MB

Snapper said...

Thanks for sharing these photos of these beautiful automobiles.

Joao Quaresma said...

Always a pleasure to share my photos.

I'm fond of classic cars, specially these early XXth Century.

One thing truly special about them is that when one of these cars drives by, the immediate, first reaction from anywone around is to smile. That is one thing that classic cars have in common with babies. Notice it next time you see one.

In those days, Ford Ts used to rule the automobile business. Fords were not just good but excellent in design, sturdy, reliable, dependable, able to go off-road, and also cheap (in the 1920s it cost half the original price in 1908). The only reason not to buy one was because you didn't want to have the same car as everyone else, or it wasn't luxurius enough.

Comming from a family of Ford-owners, I'm deeply sad to know the company isn't in shape despite a century-long experience in the business. Hope it improves.

With regards,


Webradio said...

Elles sont très belles ces vieilles voitues... Et très bien entretenues...

A bientôt !