#315 - Another day...no balloons! LOL

According to the news below, I was supposed to have shootet at least 10 balloons in Lisbon this weekend. In the previous post you can see the only balloon that was yesterday in Belém . And today this was the aspect of Praça do Comércio in the morning.

The weather was fine and even in the absence of balloons was fun. :)

"Europe's biggest festival takes hot-air balloons to Belém

The International Festival of hot-air balloons take this weekend dozens of balloons in the area of the Monastery of Jeronimos in Lisbon, with baptism of flight and a multimedia show at night.
According to Sandro Danao, organization, the multimedia show "Festival Night Glow" [technical name in English], present in week-end and lined up dozens of balloons filled with hot air, which will turn the burners with "fire and in a synchronized, where the rhythm of music. "

The show is scheduled for Saturday at 21:30, with an estimated duration of time, and according to the organizer, "will be the largest in Europe, because of the large number of balloons present," the majority of foreign pilots.

The balloons will occupy the entire front of the Monastery of Jeronimos , near the garden of Belém, as of Saturday morning, with baptism of captive flight demonstrations during the day and more direct contact with the pilots and crews.

On Sunday morning, about 10 balloons are at Commerce Square to demonstrate and flight captives, one of the balloons available to users of wheelchairs.

After the event in Lisbon, all of the approximately 50 pilots participating in the International Festival, takes to the Alto Alentejo in Portugal, which starts Monday to contest the Cup of Iberian Balloon." [*]


George Townboy said...


They can't get their act together?
Glad you were able to have fun in spite of the absence of balloons!

Beautiful photos!

jill said...

Wonderful shots of the square. Love the Segway.

Day4plus said...

It's OK by me. I've already see plenty of balloons. the pics of the square are very nice. MB

Webradio said...

Hello !

Nice photos, sunny and with people...

Smile for You !
Have a nice day...

PJ said...

Well, photo opportunities don't always work out the way we want them! I love this plaza and wish it was madatory for every incorporated town and city in America to have one.