#300- Alfama XLI

Chafariz de El-Rei

Fountain of El-King

From Wiki:
"The Fountain of El-King, was the first public fountain in the city, was built in the thirteenth century in the reign of King Alfonso III of D. Dinis, taking advantage of excellent waters of the slope of Alfama.

The piping of water from outside the Bicas Cerca Moura date of 1487, allowing the supply of ships of the career of India.

The current facade dates from 1864, has been finished and put the platibanda the pinnacles and polls, a classicist architectural composition.

Bicas came to nine in operation. Each waterspout was an exclusive social group, not forgetting the seafarers."[*]

Another source:
"The Fountain D'el Rei was once known as the fountain of St. John's Square and owes its current name on the amendments made by Dinis, in 1308. It is one of the oldest in Lisbon.

He suffered works in the reign of John II and Dom Manuel I. Due to the large numbers of people, the fountain was then the main source of drinking water, and the resulting delays and mix-up that are left in 1551, a standard comrades. The rules decreed that each of the six Bicas that the fountain was going to serve apaenas a social group: the first is supplying the blacks, mulattoes and Indians, second in the moors ; the third and fourth were reserved for boys and men white; is supplied in the fifth black women and girls in sixth and white women. Those who breach this law would be punished. It is not known exactly how many changes were implemented and they gave him the look current.

These days the fountain owns only three Bicas."[*]


Small City Scenes said...

I always liked street lamps--this seems a little tipsy. (the top)
I see the ship and an image on the fronts of (i think) a waterspout. Very interesting and very informative. Thanks! MB

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Your beautiful photos show that Lisboa is ver pretty...

Jolie ballade dans Lisbonne !

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bonitas imagens de um lugar mítico lisboeta.

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Another awesome Alfama post, and your 300th post!!! Congratulations!! Sorry I'm so late getting here. Beijinhos!!

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Great post, and great potential for refurbishment!