#298 - Building Headquarters of the Group CGD

"The CGD had its first seat in Calhariz-building in 1887. Since then, the expansion of the institution in the area of Lisbon, in terms of central support services, led to the need to occupy about 29 buildings and the difficulties of communication associated with that spread. So it is necessary to concentrate these services in one central building.

After approval by the Council of Ministers resolution No. 185/81, from August 13, work began on the ground looking for a well located in the urban area of Lisbon, with easy access, good transport services and with an area that allow a sufficient volume of construction for the new headquarters of the CGD.

The choice lies, then, in a field, between the Plaza de Campo Pequeno and praça de Londres, where until the end of the fifties had worked in the factories of Ceramics Company Lusitana, which had all the characteristics required.

In 1985, it launched a tender for which contributed 54 offices projects, and, initially, was selected in December, whose respective models are now exposed in the Central Agency Headquarters.

The project selected, authored the architect Arsenic Cordeiro, was then started, and had at the end of 1989, several amendments, as a result of the policy of modernization and regionalization and consequent rationalization plan.

The urban and architectural changes resulted in a reduction of the area built on 14,500 m2 (7.25%), which allowed an increase in green areas and the creation of a new road system linking the Avenues João XXI and Marconi, providing a greater flow of traffic location.

Concerns of socio-cultural have been taken into consideration, particularly by providing new public spaces and create a cultural zone in the building.

The first contract - for handling and containment of land - began in October 1987, and the occupation of the complex began in mid-1993.

Areas of the building-Seat
The building currently provides the best conditions of security and environment, and includes five main areas:

Administration and Central Directorate.
Areas of Socio-Cultural Activities
- Culturgest, cultural space that includes two auditoriums for conferences, seminars, conferences, concerts, theater and ballet and two galleries for exhibitions, halls of remote meetings, the press room and other structures of support.
- Social Services where a post clinical work with various specialties, nursing services and
special treatments, as well as an area for sporting activities.

Agency-Central Headquarters where you can find information personalized services, and treasury area of self-service.
Group companies CGD and Caixa Geral de retirements.
There are still areas of restaurants and their cuisine, printing, reproduction, archives, stores, parking for about 1150 cars, garages and maintenance of technical installations.

Works of Art
The building features several works of art in areas open to the public, particularly the ordinance, noting it is tapestry, from Julio Pomar and Julio Resende, tile panels of Graca Morais and Sa Nogueira, mosaic dome in vitreous of Eduardo Nery, reasons escultóricos of Lagoa Henriques, Ascanio Monteiro, Clara and Fernando Menéres conduct, as well as painting of Anthony Charrua." [*]

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