#31 - View over downtown

Today I took coffee after lunch at this terrace with this beautiful view. It is very quiet and you don't hear the city noise. It is located at the top floor of Pollux at Rua dos Fanqueiros.


Joao Quaresma said...

Been there. Nice view by night time too.

Jackie said...

Oh that is just gorgeous! You southern Europeans really know how to do great urban views - and the red roof tiles aways give me a holiday feeling!

Uma por Dia said...

Thanks for the suggestion João, I didn't know they were open at night.
I will get more of the kind jackie, when i have some free time, I also love roofs.

Anonymous said...

Gata em telhado de zinco quente, Duuno how to writte this in english but it is how i think Uma por dia is.Well. sometimes. And this blog proves the good things that she has to give.I like her, i hate her. Miauuuu
Mohamed Ali