Lisbon Mosque this morning

"The Mosque of Lisbon was built on the street to the Mosque, (Blue Neighborhood), near the Plaza of Spain.

It is kind of prayer room with oriental wide, dominated by a dome, and with Minarete ramp outside. It was built between 1979 and 1985 with the help of a large group of Islamic countries, the commitment of the Islamic community of Lisbon and the City of Lisbon which ceded the land. It also aims religious and social support to Muslims living, temporarily or permanently the area of the city. The mosque is for believers place of prayer and meditation individual and collective space and a much appreciated rest, peaceful coexistence and sharing society.

The Iberian Peninsula was Muslim territory since the seventh century until at least the sixth century, but in the south Islam remained longer, in some places by the end of the fifteenth century. Luxbuna, Lisbon Muslim, was conquered by Christians in 1147, but the community of believers was organized in Lisbon to the Moorish quarter of the sixteenth century around its two mosques and "Madrassa".

The influence of civilization and art in the Muslim way of being and living in Portugal and Spain was very deep and in many ways still remains. Islam currently has more than 950 million believers throughout the world, particularly in Asia (650 million) and Africa (270 million). "

Texts of Jose Luis de Matos published in the Guide to Temples, edition of the Lisbon City Hall with the National Center for Culture


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Great shot, great angle!

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Great photos! Beautiful building!

Small City Scenes said...

Nicangle shots and good info.
I have always wondered if we think if we build a building or tower or whatever we want to call real tall it we will be closer to whatever greater Spirit we believe in?


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