Café Nicola II

Some of you had already read this information when I put the first post of this historic coffee, more than a year ago, year so maybe you only want to review some of the photos witch I personally prefer to these. Sorry for the inconvenience :) 

MB: I've puted some information about the convent three posts ago. 

The Café Nicola is par excellence of the more literary cafes of the capital. Founded in 1787, by an Italian named Nicola, this was the coffee elected by Bocage, which eventually became the symbol of the brand of coffee Nicola. In 1837, led to a bookstore and only in 1929, returned to serve coffee, continuing connected to artists and intellectuals such as Malhoa, Pato Monis, among others. Its new owners, the family Albuquerque, decide to make a difference by creating your own coffee. Today, mainly frequented by tourists, is off the scene of releases of books and tertúlias. Recently refurbished, the restaurant located in the basement, whose decoration was in charge of Graça Viterbo, maintains original furniture from 1935 and offers a refined service lunch and dinner. [*]

Since there is much that the Café Nicola is a symbol of Rossio and low Pombaline as the Tertúlias of Lisbon, attended by artists, politicians and other figures of Portuguese culture. Today, refurbished continues to delight with the same spirit and charm of other times. For its location is considered a tourist attraction, not only for their beauty and historical seniority as well, its gastronomic specialities, including the "Bife to Nicola" and "Bife the Café," and "Cod to Lisbonense." At thursdays good jazz and classical music over the already known and authoritative "Encounters Nicola." [*]


Small City Scenes said...

Save me a spot so I can listen to some good jazz. Are you an Artist that frequents the Cafe Nicola?

Thanks for the info on the Convent.
It is very old.


JM said...

A fachada do Nicola é das mais bonitas!
A estátua do Sebastião José encontra-se na Quinta do Marquês, em Nova Oeiras.

valeria said...

Very interesting and lovely photo of city life!

George Townboy said...

I wanna go there for coffee!

Kris said...

It looks busy.

Jackie said...

Now that's one thing I miss about the more warmer bits of Europe - cafe culture! We only seem to have a few days a year when it's warm enough to dare sit outside!!!

Dick said...

I would like it to drink coffee there, an inspiring place.

Keropok Man said...

It has been around since 1787? Wow..

One day I should experience this too!

pseudo-lisboeta said...

Quando morava em Lisboa, gostava de passar por a Nicola. A historia, o Fernando Pessoa, o cheiro de cafe.

Ah, Lisboa, tenho saudades de ti.

[I hope my Portuguese is understandable.]

Frans Brouwers said...


I miss the colored lights of brands on the roofs on the houses on Rossio. "Sandemand" and a glass that filled with a drink, the small coach with horses that drove high above the Rossio.
I was aoften at Suica. And I remembered Tic Tac but now I see that is was Pic Nic. Does the travelagency Marcus & Harting still exist ?

Looking at the pictures here I get more and more saudades...


Frans ;-)