Convent of Our Lady of Conception of Arroios


just a church now
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"Convento de Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Arroios (Hospital de Arroios)
Rua Quirino da Fonseca, Praça do Chile, Avenida Almirante Reis
Parish: St. George of Arroios

Built in 1705 from the financing of D. atarina of Braganza, daughter of D. João IV and Luísa de Gusmão, worked until 1755 in the conventual space training college of the Jesuits, taking the name of St. George's College of Arroios.
Resisted the earthquake of 1755 but not the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1759, when Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, the future Marquis of Pombal (1769) determined the occupation of the convent for Franciscan nuns, leaving the space to be known as the convent Our Lady of Conception of Arroios.

The convent was unoccupied in 1890, the year when the last nun died in 1892, the State decided that the space was converted into a hospital and was determinated that operate as a hospital for isolation for patients with bubonic plague, cholera, smallpox, leprosy and tuberculosis.

From 1898, the former monastery took the name of Queen Dona Amélia Hospital and it is only the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis, for deployment in 1911 after moving to the Republic Hospital of call streams. It worked until 1993, when it was permanently disabled and is currently unoccupied.

In the church of the monastery remained the remains of the Marquis of Pombal before being transported to the Church of Our Lady of Mercy.
The church remains open to cult and frequented mainly by Ukrainian community resident in Lisbon.


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Someone should patch that crack. In a city as filled with history and age as Lisbon, people do not notice the cracks and the damage. But if you don't fix it, the building will crumble and then you will miss the tradition. Someone needs to contact the conselo da cidade and ask it to make the necessary repairs.

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