Garden of José Fontana Square

This garden it's on my way to work. My favourite uncle attempte the school you see behind it.

"Jardim da Praça José Fontana completely abandoned public-02.08.2008, Ana Nunes

Chairman of the Board of St. George of the Board Arroios responsible for degradation of the area and ensures that this case is not unique in the parish

The garden of José Fontana Square, opposite the old Liceu Camões, the center of Lisbon, is transformed into a space where heavily degraded are rare signs of maintenance. Lack of cleaning and conservation culminates in central bandstand, where many live homeless, day and night. João Taveira, Chairman of the Board of Town of St. George of streams, in which the garden is, throw the blame to the Board of Lisbon.
The garden of your name Henrique Lopes de Mendonça, a tribute to the author of the letter of the national anthem, when the second half of the nineteenth century and is one of the few existing Lisboa with a bandstand in the center. Today, after 96 years of its construction, this stage, designed for the display of philharmonic bands and groups of traditional dance, is completely abandoned and only serves to house the many are homeless who live there permanently.
At the bottom of the structure aged and rusty is a kind of warehouse with broken glass through which you can see inside without the use or loan. Around the bandstand abound the dirt and dried herbs. The state of degradation to which the garden was not going unnoticed by anyone and particularly dislike their visitors and ordinary users. Luís Silva walks him "many years" and that "this is no longer a safe place, but a little garden poorly attended and enjoyable." Saddened with what they see around them, bubble: "It is a pity that the property is damaged thereby."
The chairman of the board of parish, elected by the PSD, confirms that the area "is plangent, especially the bandstand, which has corroded metal and holes." According to the mayor, this is the responsibility of the municipal executive, because, since it took office in 2005, has prompted the conclusion of a protocol that passes the responsibility for the joint treatment of the gardens, "which until now not happened, the arrogance of the Board. "
"I had planned to do animation in the garden to remove the exclusion, particularly with a project with schools that would take classes outdoors on botany," said João Taveira, explaining that the project has not been through because it was not yet concluded the protocol. In their projects was also the use of the bottom of the bandstand to "make a kiosk with newspapers and tables around."
According to João Taveira, was already approved by the Board in a motion that the Board criticizes the state of the gardens of the parish - that of José Fontana Square Garden and the Constantino - and admits taking the matter to the Assembly Hall.
The public tried to contact the local Director of Urban Environment, we could not find it. The office of alderman of Green Spaces, José Sá Fernandes, also gave no information on the subject. " [*]


Jacob said...

That is such a beautiful place. It is so sad to see it in such disrepair. What possesses people to destroy rather than build up?

It's a crazy world sometimes.

George Townboy said...

It is a sad thing to see it deteriorating. Start a movement!

Great shots and info. Thank you.

B Squared said...

Graffiti is such a blemish on any building.

Small City Scenes said...

What a great building and area. Sad to see it misused. Hopefully Jose Traviera can get his project going. With students helping it will make them aware of what is going on around them. It would be good for everyone.
You walk by everyday? Maybe someone will take an interest and plant a garden---give the homeless a project. MB

Kris said...

The graffiti is a real eyesore on such a fine thing.

Joao Quaresma said...

I live nearby and part of the problem is local the Communist group, from the high school you see behind, is constantly painting the walls in the buildings nearby with Che Guevara graffitis and that sort of thing, including this bandstand. It's their way to show despise for tradition and private (and this case public) property. Of course, the rest of the halfbrained with paint sprays in their hands finish the "master piece".

I remember that until some 15 years ago the local firemen band played here from time to time, on Saturday mornings, during the Spring and Summer. I suppose that sort of popular culture is no longer "culturally " correct anymore... Very, very sad.

Uma por Dia said...

Sad yes! I'll update the grafitty that João refers to.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Lindo o coreto, mas esses grafittis enfeiam as construções... aqui em São Paulo vemos muitos prédios rabiscados com esses feios grafittis...é pena...