São Sebastião da Pedreira Church 1608

The church, preceded by double staircase, has a facade flanked by two bell towers and is unmitigated by a double triangular pediment. Inside, a ship, there are a profusion of carvings and paintings that decorate the walls.
The parish church of São Sebastião da Pedreira was not affected by the earthquake that shook Lisbon in 1755, why in your office should be documentation of the still life of the church, and possibly the bodies attached to them. However, except for the record books of the parish, nothing else exists.

Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira - Lisboa
1050-205 LISBOA
Distrito: Lisboa
Concelho: Lisboa
Freguesia: São Sebastião da Pedreira


Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful! Love the blue tiles of I think is Mary and Child. MB

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Gorgeous church. I really appreciate your photos of Old Churches! Thank you very much. Keep up the good work!

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Everytime I come here there is always so much to see and ejoy! Your hometown has many interesting nooks and crannys!

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Lovely curch.