#220 - Rua Augusta IV

"Rua Augusta (Augusta street) is located in one of the busiest quarters of Lisbon. Closed to traffic, this pedestrianised street has all sorts of shops for all sorts of tastes, flower peddlars, hot chestnuts sellers, street cafés, independent street Artists like the "statue man" or the familiar harmonica player and many, many more."

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George Townboy said...

Awesome shots again, and I see you have a couple of Lisbon's famous birds on a wire. Don't look up!!!!

Só- Poesias e outros itens said...

Adoro esse local, e gosto dos desenhos das ruas e calçadas.


Ju Gioli

Kris said...

I was wondering whether Lisbon a good city to do a walking tour in? The photos make it seem that way, but I’m not sure how hilly it is.

jill said...

It just keeps getting better. I love the architecture and the weather looks quite conducive to strolling along Rua Augusta.